Unicert Greece
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TOURISM SECTOR: Call Center / Reservation Officer

UNICERT SKILLS – Certificate in Tourism sector can provide its holders with an excellent asset in the modern labor market, given the constantly changing situation. This valuable certificate in the tourism business is a prerequisite for employment and it also serves as a tool for updating the knowledge of the existing human resources in any tourism business. Nowadays, the need for holding such a certificate is constantly growing.

The person who will be certified in this subject will have the necessary knowledge / skills, through predefined procedures and instructions, to serve customers or potential customers, from any communication channel (telephone, Internet, fax, etc.) within the frame of products / services offered by the company.

UNICERT SKILLS Certification Scheme in the Tourism Sector, with the subject of Call Center / Reservation Officer agent, is accredited by ESYD Hellenic Accreditation System in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which proves that the certification process is done impartially and with documented adequacy while at the same time recognizes and accepts the certificate as equivalent from the National Accreditation Bodies of the E.A. (European cooperation for Accreditation).