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UNICERT SKILLS – Certificate in Outdoor Salesman can provide you with an excellent asset in the modern market, given the changeable situations. The need of a such valuable certificate in Retail Trade business is necessary as a prerequisite for employment in Retail Trade Sector, but also to update the knowledge of the existing employees in any Retail Trade business.

The person who will be certified in this subject will have the necessary knowledge / skills to act as a promoter and analyze the characteristics and benefits of the product with the ultimate goal of proper and complete sale; it is an important link between the business it represents and the customer who "exhausts" the strategy of maintaining, developing and maximizing the sales outcomes expected from him


UNICERT SKILLS Certification Scheme in the Retail Trade Sector, with the subject of Outdoor Salesman is accredited by ESYD Hellenic Accreditation System in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which proves that the certification process is done impartially and with documented adequacy while at the same time recognizes and accepts the certificate as equivalent from the National Accreditation Bodies of the E.A. (European cooperation for Accreditation).