Unicert Greece
Phone No: (+30) 210 38 01 129 - 130, 210 38 28 000

Participant’s obligations

For participating in the Certification Examination

  • Arrival time at the examination center: at least thirty (30) minutes before the beginning of the certification exam.
  • After the beginning of the examination the entry of candidates in the examination center will not be allowed.
  • Necessary documents for the participation of each candidate in the examination:
    • The certification card and
    • The original identification document and a copy of it, which was submitted with the certification application.
  • Items allowed in the examination room: thermos / bottle of water or soda.
  • Items forbidden in the examination room:
    • Any type of electronic storage media (ie, removable USB drives) and
    • Any type of image capture devices / audio / video (ie, cameras).
      It should be noted that, upon approval by the supervisors of this examination, any type of telecommunication devices are allowed (ie, mobile phones) in the examination room, but only disabled. It is at the discretion of supervisors to take away devices for as long as the examination lasts.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the examination room! The temporary exit for smoking  is forbidden for all candidates from the examination room during  the examination!
    It should be noted that before the start or between the examination of two modules, smoking is allowed within the test center special area or outside the examination center.

During the conducting of the Certification Examination

  • The behavior of the candidate during the conduct of the examination should be determined by the known rules of discipline and respectful behavior. Candidates must comply directly to any suggestions or recommendations of the supervisors. Failing to comply with the above, can even lead to their exclusion from the examination, which is considered unsuccessful and scored with zero (0).
  • Activating and using the telecommunication devices during the examination (ie mobile phones) is prohibited, if they are not taken away by their supervisors, for as long as the examination lasts.
  • Any attempt or actions/methods of copying answers and generally preventing the proper conduct of the examinations or alteration of their results, is prohibited and people responsible will  be disqualified, their examination will be considered unsuccessful and scored with zero (0).
  • During the examination candidates are not allowed to exit the examination room, without the approval of the supervisors. If allowed to exit the examination room, candidates will be accompanied by the supervisors.
  • Candidates are not allowed to remain in the examination room after completing  their examination.