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Examination participation

For the Certificate Examinations, Unicert has developed exam topics:

  • based on case studies, where the candidates are requested to act appropriately in order to achieve the desired results, and
  • “closed-ended type”, where the candidates should for example select from the given answers, the one they consider to be correct (multiple choice questions) or write the answer or complete the text missing from a sentence (fill in the blank questions) or select the correct segment of an image (hot spot questions) etc.

During the period of time that the certification examination takes place, the candidates should implement the requirement of the questions  having, though, the option of checking their answers and making the appropriate corrections before completion confirmation.

In case of a retest, due to failure in a module certification, the examination system developed by Unicert will guarantee the non-repetition of the same set of examination questions.

Participation instructions:

Individuals who wish to participate in certification exams should:

  1. Contact an accredited examination center in the area to obtain a Certification Card. Finding the appropriate examination center can be done through a search tool available on the Unicert website or by contacting Unicert.
  2. Submit to the examination center the Certification Application Form, a photocopy of a valid form of identification [1] and any additional supporting documentation required to publish the Certification Card. This card either remains guarded at the examination center, or received by the candidates. It contains personal information, certification category, the tested cognitive modules, their performances at the exams, as well as instructions for use. Bringing the card in every certification examination conducted by Unicert body is required.
  3. Contact a certified examination center that can be different to the one having issued the certification card, at least 48 hours before the programmed certification examination in order to apply for, choosing the cognitive modules they want to get examined. Contact and apply for the examinations can be made either by phone or by sending an email to the examination center.
  4. Arrive to the examination center where they declared their participation, presenting the certification card and the original form of identification, which they had displayed and a photocopy of the form provided while applying for the certification.
    Note that in case of failure, the candidates are retested with the same card, following the steps 3 and 4.
  1. Receive from the examination center, where the Certification Card was issued, their Certificate within a maximum period of ten (10) working days after their successful participation in the last examined cognitive certification module they applied for.
    Certificates can be received from another examination center only after being requested by the examination center and aproved by Unicert.


Valid form of identification means:

  • For Greek citizens: identity card or a temporary certificate of the competent authority, passport, driving license, personal insurance booklet.
  • For citizens of the European Union: identity card, passport.
  • For citizens of countries outside the European Union: visas, residence permit, work permit.
  • For minors: birth certificate with photo and stamp.