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Unicert Professional

The Universal Certification Solutions - UNICERT Professional Skills Knowledge Certificate, refers to individuals who are seeking work or are employed in specialized professional and technical domains.

It includes knowledge and skills related to Business Administration, Customer Service, various Technical Fields and more.

Indicative Certification Fields

It concerns a Certificate in Professional Knowledge and Skills (UNICERT PROFESSIONAL) in the field of Secretarial Management which can provide its holders with a valuable asset in today's labor arena, taking into account its constant transition. The need for the existence of such evidence as prerequisite for employment in the private sector as well as for an update of the knowledge of the existing human resources of the businesses is constantly growing.

The certificate addresses individuals who are interested to be certified in this particular field and it is verified to be useful and, at the same time, beneficial to those who are already employed or intend to work in the future in secretarial support positions, because they enhance their CV with a certificate of corresponding knowledge and skills.

The certification schema Executive for Secretarial Support Management is under the procedure of accreditation by E.SY.D according to the international model ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which proves that the certification process is fair and with documented adequacy, while at the same time it establishes recognized and accepted the certificate as equal from the National Accreditation Bodies of the countries-members of the European Union (European cooperation for Accreditation).