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ARTURE-“Art and Furniture Strategic Partnership”


361.636,00 €


30 months (1/10/2015-30/3/2018)

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ERASMUS+ (Key Action 2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices- Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth”)



The aim of the project is the creation of a strategic partnership between High Education Institutes of fine arts, Technological Institutions which are specialized in furniture manufacturing and Research and Innovation Centres in the field of Design and Arts, in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices, and the co-creation of knowledge addressing the vocational skills mismatches by:

  • Basic Concepts of Applied Art
  • Manufacturing Processes and Techniques of Furniture Products
  • Specifications and Standards for Furniture Products

Project’s Intellectual Outputs

  • Enquiry framework to gauge the requirements of bodies active in Vocational Education Training provisions that may be available in the High Education Sector.
  • Enquiry and analysis of (a) what Higher Education and research institutions active in aesthetic design and the visual arts feel they have to offer the furniture industry and industrial training bodies, and (b) what the furniture industry and industrial training bodies feel they are missing with regard to enhancing the quality of aesthetic design and the visual arts in their training and production programmes.
  • Cloud based database template for the educational material, a web tool where partners will upload educational material, such as slides, videos, tests etc. This tool will enable future users to upload additional content for different traditional sectors.
  • Cloud based database template for connecting Higher Education Institutes and Vocational Education Training providers in the field of product design, fine and applied arts and furniture industry.
  • A report in which are summarized the assessment results of the course curriculum.
  • A fully developed vocational education and training course curriculum, at a level that could be applied with the standards of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

Project’s Partners

In the project participate partners from Spain, United Kingdom and Greece, and more specifically:

  • Universal Certification Solutions-UNICERT (Greece)
  • Buckinghamshire New University “Bucks” (United Kingdom)
  • AKTO Art & Design College (Greece)
  • The nonprofit research and training centre “CETEM” (Asociacion Empresarial De Investigacion Centro Tecnologico Del Muebley La Madera De La Region De Murcia-Spain)
  • Searchlighter Services Ltd (United Kingdom)

Target Group

  • Vocational training students from the art world
  • Designers of the furniture manufacture