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Unicert Robotics A

Το πρόγραμμα Unicert Robotics A certifies the knowledge and skills in robotics of the students, using LEGO Education WeDO 2.0 kit. This program is aimed at 6-12 years old students that have at least 1 year experience with this kit, and also at educational centres that wish to incorporate this certification in their curriculum.

The participants are assessed through a case study and each one of them are given a WeDo 2.0 kit. The duration of the exam is 45 minutes and is comprised of multiple choice questions. Also, the students are asked to build a robot with basic mechanisms and program it using LEGO Education WeDO 2.0 software.


  • Gear Identification
  • Gear Combination
    1. Results On Velocity
    2. Results On Power
    3. Gearbox
    4. Drive Shaft
  • Other Ways Of Movement Transfer
  • Engine Check
  • Loops
  • Change Colour of Smart Hub
  • Multimedia
  • Operation Through Keyboard
  • Stall
  • Using The Sensors' Data
  • Engine
  • Sensor