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What is an Android

Android is a functional system for mobile telephone devices which uses the core of Linux Functional and was developed by Google. It allows the software manufacturers to compose a code with the use of program language Java. Android is basically designed for devices with touchscreen, such as smartphones and tablet, with a different environmental use for televisions (Android TV), cars (Android Auto) and watches (Android Wear). However, Android is not the same for all devices (Samsung’s Android defers from LG, Sony even Google).

Android Applications

Knowing the right programing of Android Applications, we can create various types of applications, which can offer us not only pleasure but financial benefit. The only thing needed is a pioneer idea, for example an application to find a taxi, applications to share our photographs.


The basic advantage which the development of applications for Android devices has, is that it is really simple and easy for someone to start. In contrast with the development of applications based on the functional system iOS where we need a Mac computer, the Android application can be created in any Computer System. Moreover, the educational material which is offered by the Android is very well organized and thought.