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AutoCAD 2D - 3D

AutoCAD is a general designer program, exactly because of this quality someone can design, edit and print any line design, whether it concerns a two-dimensional design or a three-dimensional model. AutoCAD provides the user with the ability to create and print photorealistic visualizations with editable material and lighting.

AutoCAD has been constantly developed for over 20 years incorporating at its functions the power of three-dimensional design as well as the requirements of the market where it constitutes the dominant player. The simple and comprehensible way, in which its commands are constructed, the use of familiar tools (i.e. RIBBON) and the multiplicity of the community online make AutoCAD the ideal designer program for the simple user who wishes speed and efficiency as well as the professional who has high requirements and focuses on the details.

Another significant advantage, is the fact that the user of AutoCAD can very easily familiarize with more advanced and specialized programs of Autodesk such as AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Architecture, due to the fact that they follow the same designer philosophy and have almost the same work environment. In this way, there is no need to learn an extra program for the processing of an assignment, only the familiarization and adjustment with a few extra tools which increase productivity and optimize the productivity cost of the final product.

Syllabus 2D

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